Crescent Head

Crescent Head is a lovely friendly little coastal town, a well known spot by surfers for its long lines wrapping around the headland, Little Nobby. Malabu surfing contests are held every year in May and in 2008 Crescent Head was named a Surfing Reserve.

Nearby towns:
Kempsey | South West Rocks

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Visitor Centre

Tel: 02 6563 1555
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Golf and Bowls

Crescent Head Bowling Club

Cresent Head Country Club
1 Rankine Street
Tel: 02 6566 0268
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Crescent Head sunrise
Pebbly Beach sunrise


Crescent Head

Lillik Creek Cove Crescent Head sunrise
Killick Creek sunset
Pebbly Beach
Sunrise over Little Nobby
Crescent Head Surfing Reserve Pebbly Beach at Crescent Head sunrise Foot bridge over Killick Creek
National Surfing Reserve
Big Nobby sunrise
Foot bridge over Killick Creek
Crescent Head bridge Crescent Head from Big Nobby Surf off Little Nobby
Foot bridge over Killick Creek
Crescent Head Country Club
National Surfing Reserve
Crescent Head Surfing Reserve Rainbow Lorikeet Crescent Head Surfing Reserve
Sunrise at Crescent Head
Rainbow Lorikeets
National Surfing Reserve
Water tank on the golf course Racecourse Head near Crescent Head Golf course beside the ocean
Mosaic water tank
Racecourse Head
Tee off by the sea