A beautiful sleepy seaside town in the south on the Limestone Coast is a popular holiday spot. Beachport Jetty is one of the longest in Australia, stretching 772 metres. Bowman Scenic Drive is great way to admire the picturesque coastline and along the way take a dip in the Pool of Siloam, 7 times saltier than the ocean.

Nearby towns:
Millicent | Mt Gambier | Robe

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Visitor Centre

Tel: 1300 045 373
Tel: 08 8735 8029
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Beachport Golf Club
Government Road
Tel: 08 8735 8105

Bowman Scenic Drive, Beachport
Bowman Scenic Drive




Beachport Jetty Beachport town Beachport beach
Beachport Jetty
The main street in Beachport
Beachport beach Beachport boat ramp Beachport, Bowman Scenic Drive
Beachport Jetty
Beachport Boat Ramp
Bowman Scenic Drive
Pool of Siloam Beachport, Bowman Scenic Drive Beachport, Bowman Scenic Drive
Pool of Siloam
Bowman Scenic Drive
Bowman Scenic Drive